Who makes the best VR headset?

VR is an amazing way to transport yourself into another world with the power of technology. This technology lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re physically there with nothing more than a headset and motion tracking. This promising new equipment will finally catch on in 2019. Read about the best headsets of the future!

Oculus Rift

Oculus was the first big player in the current VR wave. The Rift is much more advanced than the developer kits were, but also a great deal costlier. Technically speaking, the headset is almost the same as the Vive. It features top-end motion controllers, can support VR over a very large area, and is favorably priced compared to analogical products like the HTC Vive, which costs $200 more.

Sony PlayStation VR

This headset offering the user-friendliest VR experience and is also affordable. Non-proprietary titles cannot be played on it, but any PS4 game can be played in theater mode as if one were sitting in front of a large screen.

HTC Vive

The comprehensive HTC Vive includes not only a headset, but also two base stations and two motion controllers to define a “whole-room” VR area. The headset tracks your movements in a 10-foot cube, not only from your seat. HTC recommends you give the Vive processing power of at least a GeForce GTX 970 GPU or an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU.

Google Daydream

Daydream View costs only $99 and its concept is similar to Cardboard. It will function as your display due to a set of lenses that divide the screen into two images. Action is controlled by a linkable remote you hold in your hand, which is not unlike the Oculus Remote. An SDK update enabling simultaneous Daydream and Cardboard support is helping expand the platform’s library.

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