Where can I buy VR games for cheap?

With VR tech in full swing, every gamer is looking for an affordable way to join the fun. Indeed, VR equipment prices are the only downside of this hobby, so we’ve collected some low-cost options for those of you on a budget.

Job Simulator and Superhot VR

These games are both on sale for $18. Creative types might be interested in Tilt Brush, which will transform the space around them into a three-dimensional canvas. TB is now reduced to $10. You could also opt for Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality, down to just $15.

Fallout 4 and Doom

Fallout 4 and Doom, both by Bethesda, are up for grabs. The former is at a 30% discount, so you’ll pay just $42 for it. That’s the VR version of the full game. Doom VFR is on sale for only $21. This version, streamlined for VR, is a fully revamped version of the 2016 one.

Deadly low prices

When it comes to being in deadly situations, with a clock counting down to your bitter end, it doesn’t get any better than games like I Expect You To Die ($20) and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ($7). The latter puts you in a team in a scenario where one of you has to deactivate a bomb in collaboration with the others.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, also available in non-VR mode, is currently on sale for $20. It puts your team on a starship bridge. You have to cooperate to deal with a series of Star Trek-inspired scenarios. Batman: Arkham VR is 50% that at $10 for those of you who’d prefer to inhabit the Dark Knight.

When you’re tired of playing, no need to take your headset off – simply download Virtual Desktop for $10. This app transforms your desktop into a gigantic virtual workspace.

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